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ArtLight HongJioYi are Influence marketing leaders. We are the forefront of creating new tools and offer most cost effective influence marketing management. In its DNA ArtLight is a content company – we tell engaging stories. Marketing is all about stories and stories are all about emotions. Our brilliant storytelling is then taken to millions through influencers. It is not by chance world’s leading brands choose us to take their new products and stories to tens of millions of consumers.

Influencers are available to anyone to spread the message. Our job is to manage the message, and manage influencers to target and focus the message to the right consumer. So effective is ArtLight HonJiaoYi in its craft of analysis, data, social media storytelling and influence marketing we have created a whole new paradigm in B2B marketing, high luxury and high end real estate sales. We have successfully completed campaigns for investment properties in Cyprus & Portugal, investment in Malta, yacht sales and luxury villa rentals for super wealthy. While we are known for our consumer mass marketing expertise for world’s best known brands – we are equally effective in marketing more niche luxury products. We would like to talk to marketing managers of luxury products and explain how we can help in bringing them exclusive Chinese and Russian speak clients.

ArtLight Hong Jiao Yi Real Estate Influence Marketing

Marketing managers are increasingly frustrated with SEO and ad campaigns which flood them with non-serious inquiries and make them targets of phishing, costing them valuable time and effort in communicating with prospects which are useless.

ArtLight HongJiaoYi Real Estate Influence marketing is all about targeting High Net Worth decision makers for luxury real estate in Chinese and Russian speaking markets.

We handpick the right influencers and prepare the most effective storytelling campaigns to bring them to a very niche and target segment marketing managers require. The quality of leads and prospects provided by ArtLight Hong Jiao Yi in luxury international real estate segment is precisely what sales managers need to close deals.

Whether you want to target messages to spouse and children of high networth individuals, or find local advisors and agents who have the trust of your potential clients – we can target any niche group with highly effective campaigns.

As with all influence marketing techniques, these services are for the savvy marketing professionals who know the difference between mass marketing and niche targeting. We start with concept, create a story and bring that story to the right audience through their very own and favourite influencers to create prospects ripe for sale.

ArtLight Hong JiaoYi High NetWorth Influencer Marketing

Whether is wealth management advisory, migration consulting or acquisition of high end super luxury products like yachts, real estate or watches ArtLight Hong Jiao Yi has created a new science of influence marketing for the high networth individuals of Chinese and Russian language markets.

As the mass marketing and influence move into somewhat questionable performance and data analysis, high networth marketing is all about telling the right story, on right themes, through right people to that very discerning and private group of people that consumer high luxury. ArtLight Hong Jiao Yi are highly effective story tellers and influence marketers that focus and target a very small niche audience for highly sophisticated products and services.

We use a mix of influencers to build interest, curiosity and imagery to embed trust. Marketing luxury products is about lifestyle of high and mighty. Only ArtLight HongJiaoYi deliver the most effective performance when it comes to science of influence marketing for the high end customer.

ArtLight HongJiaoYi Process

Assess your brand needs

Identify and enlist the key influencers for your target consumer and market

Develop creative ways to integrate your influencer campaign

Provide custom budgeting and success metrics

Suggest integrated ideas for extending your campaign

Our Advantages

Marketing Insight

Our team is formed by members of major advertising &marketing companies and mainstream media, experienced in providing influencer insight from marketing perspective.

Data Driven

Influencer fan base portrait; result based data measurement; content and semantic analysis; advertising radar; multidimensional marketing value data extraction.

Selected Resources

Discover quality resources in each vertical area; strict influencer selection and data check procedure guarantee the credibility of the resources.

Transparent Pricing

Clients enjoy the benefits of competitive pricing and channel rebate; quoted price from influencers is transparent with no addition charge.

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